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Stay Calm and Prepare!

Kids are going to be home during the Corona Virus/Covid-19 school closures and parents are wondering--"How am I going to feed my kids all day?" Guess what? Breathe. Stay calm, and continue reading! 

Inventory Your Kitchen and Pantry!

First, take stock of all the ingredients you already have on hand in your pantry, fridge, and freezer. You don't want to run around hoarding stuff that you may already have in your house! Inventory will also help you plan meals and snacks.

First In, First Out

Remember to use your fresh and perishable food in a timely manner. Having to throw out expired and molded food just equates to food and money waste. If you know you won't be able to cook some produce, try freezing it to cook and eat later. 

Try Something New

You may need to start looking past some usual items you're accustomed to using in the event that something is sold out or unavailable. For instance, you may be out of rice. Grains like quinoa and farro are great options. You may not have access to fresh produce, but frozen veggies are a great alternative!

You Are Not a Short-Order Cook!

Listen, if you don't normally cook three times a day for your family, now might not be the time to start! Make your cooking and meals do the work of two! For instance, when you roast a chicken, plan another meal with the leftovers like chicken quesadillas!

Avoid Taste Bud Fatigue

Spices and seasonings will help you create different tasting meals with some of the same ingredients! The right spices and seasonings can help transform a rice and chicken dish into an inspired culinary delight!


Stay tuned for more recipes and meal ideas for families!

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